Check the TIMKEN bearing import use the matters needing attention - bearing grease

by:Waxing     2020-05-27
Because the TIMKEN bearing import is high precision products, such as improper assembly is easy to cause damage to bearing channel, result in bearing damage. When bearing assembly shall have a dedicated mold, not casually, only small circle of stress when pressure into the shaft, pressure can force the circle circle. Require the use of pneumatic or hydraulic assembly, lower die when being connected to outside the level state, if there are any tilt can lead to bearing channel due to mechanical damage, and make the bearing guide ring. Bearing when loaded on the rotor to do dynamic balance will easily generated when the dynamic balance of iron into TIMKEN bearing import inside, so it is best to install bearing before do dynamic balance. There are some manufacturers in order to convenient assembly, assembly in bearing indoor coated with some oil or grease lubrication effect, but usually operators good amount of it is hard to control, if oil or grease in the bearing interior storing up more, in the bearing rotates along axis to the bearing inside easily. Bearing is best not to apply oil or grease, if must apply to control shall not be storing up in bearing interior. Rust paint is characterized by multiple in sealing type motor, the motor sound is very good, when it is assembled but put some time in the warehouse, the motor sound is very big, remove the bearing has serious rust phenomenon. Many manufacturers will think is a problem of bearing before, after our propaganda, motor factory now have realized mainly is a question of insulating varnish. Acid varnish comes out of the problem is mainly due to the formation of corrosive substances under certain temperature, humidity, the damage to the TIMKEN bearing import channel after corrosion result. The problem now is only to choose good insulating paint, after drying and ventilation assembly after a period of time. Bearing life is closely related to manufacturing, assembly, use, and must be made at each link to make the bearing is in optimum operation state, so as to prolong the service life of bearing. Number of oil drops on the filter paper, apply a clean red filter paper. After being lubricating oil leakage, if appearance is black powder, touch resistance acerbity feeling, is the lubricant inside has many impurities, good oil powder, with the hand feels dry, smooth, and yellow. Grease is critical if, in the process of using the TIMKEN bearing import. Grease using a metamorphosis, not only don't effect, also can damage the bearing. (1) oil flow observation one need to be checked out of the lubricating oil, take two cups. Another empty on the desktop, will leave the measuring cup with lubricating oil for high 30 - desktop 40 cm and tilt, let oil flow slowly to the empty cup, to observe the flow situation, good quality lubricant oil flow should be long and thin, uniform, sweeping from time to time, if a flow fast and slow, and sometimes has a large flow, the said lubricating oil has deteriorated. (2) the twisting method better lubricating oil hand feel less lubricity, wear debris, no friction, the lubricating oil lay between his thumb and his finger grinding repeatedly. If feel fingers between the larger friction feeling such as sand, indicates the impurity, lubricating oil can no longer use, a new lubricating oil should be replaced. (3) the illumination method the lubricating oil with screwdriver lifted, a clear day. With the horizontal plane Angle of 45 degrees. Against the sun, watching what is oil, light, can see clearly without wear debris in lubricating oil is good, can continue to function, if excessive wear debris, lubricating oil should be changed.
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