Cement roller press bearing lubrication knowledge - bearing

by:Waxing     2020-06-03
Roller press as an energy saving grinding equipment, widely used in cement industry and other industries grinding materials, with its significant advantages of energy saving, production has been the world recognized as the world's most advanced grinding equipment. At present domestic cement enterprises have hundreds of rolling machine is running. Rolling machine consists of frame, two roll system, transmission device, bearing, roller cover, feeding device, hydraulic torque ( Pressure) System, main bearing lubrication system, dry oil lubrication system, electrical system and other parts. In the process of work, the roller press bearing is the main power transmission components, and mechanical maintenance device. Roller press expensive imported bearing, a set of more than 20, ten thousand yuan price, four sets of bearing nearly ten thousand yuan. Therefore, for roller press bearing lubrication maintenance is very important. Design normal service life are eight to ten years, by reasonable lubrication can prolong life, improve the grinding efficiency of the whole system. The operation condition of cement roller press: 1. Overloading 2. 3's speed. Dust more than 4. Large impact load according to operation condition, we should consider the following points when choosing lubricant lubrication requirements: 1. Oil film thickness is big and strong adhesive force; ( Base oil viscosity & gt; 1000cSt) 2. Extreme pressure bearing capacity is strong; ( Four-ball weld load & gt; 400公斤) 3. Resistance to impact load, the need for additional solid lubrication protection ( Such as graphite) 4. Pump type is good, stable structure, wide working temperature range in order to better maintenance of roller press for roller bearing, Spain eagle Brugarolas S. 一个。 G has been developed specially for the company. BESLUX丛呃- - - - - - 1 /舌鳎 嗯- - - - - - 2/G。 The grease is especially designed for high load, high temperature, such as water and low rotation speed, vibration impact the operation under the condition of equipment lubrication. Its unique physical and chemical properties, make the grease has excellent lubrication performance, can reduce friction, and extend the life of the equipment. We this product also won the German Humboldt, chengdu lijun and citic heavy industries such as recommended. In domestic, there are many cement roller press by G. BESLUX丛呃- - - - - - 1 /舌鳎 嗯- - - - - - 2 / G improve lubrication and maintenance to extend the working life of the roller press of the roller bearing. Here are some well-known brand roller press grease and Spain eagle roller press grease used at the same time after a year of grease lubrication condition compared with other brands roller press because the grease inside the film bearing have hard phenomenon, cannot successful eduction. At the same time obvious scratch bearing surface. Spain eagle roller press grease lubrication oil distribution inside the film bearing in good condition, roller and raceway good lubricating oil film forming.
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