Car rear wheel bearing damage symptoms, causes and testing - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-06-04
Along with the development of the era, drive a car, people are more and more important and bearing is the car parts, such as car wheels, on the engine bearings, drive not necessarily understand parts damage symptoms, we take a look at some knowledge about the car wheel bearing. There is a car driver to the mechanic said: 'the vehicle after the start, when the stillness is very normal, but once you start moving, vehicle noise will be much more, especially when accelerating noise is particularly evident, the faster the speed, the greater the noise, noisy person have a headache, is something wrong with the engine? 'Not all yes. After mechanic test, it is concluded that: the vehicle engine, gearbox works, found a damaged car rear wheel bearing. Aiming at this phenomenon, the bearing network share related car rear wheel bearing damage symptoms, the cause of the bearing damage, and how we check whether the wheel bearing damage, hope to help our car's friends, travel for the sake of safety, vehicle if there is something wrong with our early discovery, handle in time. The performance of the automobile rear wheel bearing is broken cause sound, is the main performance of the automobile rear wheel bearing is broken. Can distinguish the automobile rear wheel bearing is broken, the car accelerated after the slide in a neutral state, if buzzing sound did not change, so is the rear wheel bearing is broken. If it is broken, can produce a lot of heat, the car after a period of time, can be parked on the side of the road, with the hand to touch feeling the wheel axles, can feel the temperature significantly higher than the normal temperature. One more thing, is a time when the speed faster, can feel the soles of the feet have a fine sense of shock. The cause of automobile rear wheel bearing damage is mainly a few: the breakage of the parts rust, have a foreign body into the deflection can cause damage, or escalator and acid liquid and residual moisture for a long time, can also cause parts of rust. Poor lubrication, if the roll body and the lubricating oil is insufficient, between the two will produce dry friction, which produces metal friction sound. The distance problem. Between automobile components and parts are appropriate clearance, and when the roll body and the distance between the roller table once small, easily friction heat, bearing caused by sintering. Testing on automobile wheel bearing, in fact is not complicated. The first step is to use lifting machine to lift the vehicle, dangling the wheel and loosen the hand brake; The second step, the driving wheel, can be manually by arrive slow fast rotating wheels, check whether there is bearing noise; The third step, when the test drive wheels, launch vehicle idler wheel, to check whether there is additional bearing noise. There is a special case need to pay attention to, some bearing failure only on tire idling is to listen to not to come out of, the car must be landed on the ground, let the bearing under pressure, can make accurate judgment.
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