Can also repair the boiler fan bearing such knowledge - bearing

by:Waxing     2020-06-01
Sauvy industrial carbon nano polymer technology is a kind of application technology, is the use of the comprehensive performance of materials and corresponding repair process repair worn parts, restore the original size tolerance and meet the equipment operation condition, has reached the equipment the purpose of application for a long time. ( 1) To repair the boiler fan bearing a principle: any repair technology for driving part, must satisfy three conditions, one is the concentricity device; Secondly, block size tolerance, Three is the surface precision of part mating to ensure long-term safe operation of the equipment. Sauvy industrial online repair the fan shaft is how to achieve the above requirements: 1. Fan shaft offline, when material after curing can be by car, milling, planing, grinding, for accurate recovery of dimensional tolerance; 2. Online fan shaft, the shaft neck is usually ladder shaft, different positions have size tolerance size, each size tolerance is a processing and become, shaft concentricity will control within the error range, so the use of shaft neck unworn parts size processing precision tooling, using the tooling repair process finished size and concentricity of reply, although size cannot reach after machining but can satisfy the operation of the equipment; 3. Carbon nano polymer materials, although they are hard and brittle, but its resistance to bending strength is good, the buffer absorption equipment vibration when they hit the contraction force, won't appear like metal in metal fatigue wear; 4. After repair of trunnion sizes with bearing inner ring can be 100% contact area of the using material plasticity theory; ( 2) Repair the boiler fan bearing wear of factors must be considered: 1. First of all, the operating temperature of the fan shaft size, speed, wear, such as data; 2. According to the different material model of axial fan operating temperature is chosen, sauvy SD7101H, the materials are widely used in the below 90 degrees Celsius in the environment of equipment wear and tear of various axial fan bearing such as bit wear, bearing housing, wear, etc. ; 3. According to the speed of the equipment and repair conditions to determine the actual repair process, the purpose is to maximize return the concentric and trunnion tolerance size of shaft repaired; 4. How to implement the method of assembly. ( 3) Sauvy industrial boiler fan bearing a carbon nanometer polymer materials to repair steps: according to the situation of boiler blower trunnion sizes and wear determine sauvy tooling process, site operation steps are as follows: 1. Field with various sizes of outside micrometer measuring diameter of axle, and retest approval after finishing equipment; 2. Clean up the part of oil leakage, and oil stains carbide with the oxygen acetylene flame gun, 3. With the Angle of grinding machine grinding wheel piece of bearings, make it show metal color surface more rough, the better; 4. Threaded parts do ahead of time to protect, prevent SD7101H material binding thread; 5. After grinding bearing surface is clean, clean, dry, solid, rough; 6. With anhydrous ethanol clean and repair parts, until boiled away; 7. According to the SD7101H blending material proportion of 1:2 mixed evenly; 8. Tooling wall wash clean with anhydrous ethanol, brush paint surface SD7000 stripping machine, evenly without omissions; 9. Shaft repair place daub SD7101H material, apply evenly to pore-free; 10. Rapid installation tooling, to SD7101H material curing; 11. Remove the tooling, clear SD7101H excess material, testing after repair trunnion sizes; 12. Bearing heated to 100 degrees Celsius, quickly will install bearing, and lock nut; 13. Adjust the shaft and bearing seat. Concentric shaft and motor, switched on.
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