Avoid IKO tapered roller bearing life cut short maintenance methods - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-05-28
IKO bearings can usually install space is limited. In most cases, in the design of the bearing is based on the mechanical design or other limitations. Bearing type and size, thrust angular contact ball bearings. What are the types of bearing seal? 。 So when choosing the New Territories north the regional decision is based on the diameter of the bearing. Standard, therefore, the main table size of taper roller bearing is compiled according to international standard diameter size. Factors affecting IKO bearing service life may have a lot of, can be used from the factors and internal factors for further instructions. Use factors mainly refers to install, use, maintenance, maintenance, repair and so on meets the technical requirements. According to IKO bearing installation, use, maintenance, maintenance of technical requirements, the operation of the tapered roller bearing on the load, speed, temperature, vibration, noise and lubrication condition monitoring and inspection, found that abnormal immediately to find the reason, adjustment, so that it is back to normal. Installation conditions is one of the primary factor of use factor, bearing is often caused by improper installation of a complete set of change the stress of bearing between various parts, bearing at the end of the abnormal state of operation and early life. To make IKO bearings and keep its long-term performance into full play, must earnestly to do regular maintenance ( Regular inspection) 。 Through proper periodic inspection, do early detection of fault, prevent accident arrangement is very important to increase productivity and efficiency. Inspect, clean IKO bearings will be removed, with photography method such as first and then record the appearance. In addition, to confirm the amount of residual lubricant and lubricant sampling, and then wash the circular cone roller bearings. A, bearing cleaning divided into rough washing and fine washing, can be put in use at the bottom of the container and on the metal frame. B, rough washing, oil using a brush to remove grease or adhesive. If at this time in oil rotating IKO bearings, pay attention to the rolling surface due to foreign bodies such as damage. C, fine cleaning, slowly rotating IKO bearings in the oil, must be carefully. Commonly used cleaning agent for neutral aqueous diesel or kerosene, according to the need to sometimes use warm lye, etc. No matter use which kinds of detergent, often should filter clean. After cleaning, immediately on the tapered roller bearing coating anticorrosive oil or antirust grease. 2, examination and judgment to judge removed IKO bearings can be reused, to inspect the dimension precision, rotating accuracy, internal clearance and mating surface, raceway surface, cage and seal rings etc. About the test results that can be used by bearing the judgement or master of tapered roller bearing. Judgment standard according to the mechanical properties and important degree and inspection cycle. If you have the following injury, IKO bearings shall not be used again, must be replaced. A, fracture and defect of bearing parts. B, raceway surface rolling strip below. Bearing manufacturing generally go through forging, heat treatment, cutting, grinding and assembly, and multi-channel processing operations. The rationality of the processing technology, advanced, stability will also affect the service life of bearing. Which affects the quality of finished product tapered roller bearing heat treatment and grinding process, tend to have a more direct relationship with bearing failure. In recent years the study of metamorphic layer of bearings working surface show that the grinding process and is close to the surface quality of the bearing. IKO bearing analysis, the main task of the service life is based on a lot of background material, analyze data and failure forms, find out the main factors of bearing failure, so that the improvement measures are put forward, the extension of the tapered roller bearing, avoid premature failure of the bearing of the sudden.
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