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Avoid failure method of linear motion bearings

by:Waxing     2020-11-14
The best way to solve the problem of micro bearing failure is to avoid failure. This can be considered in the process of choosing key performance characteristics. These capabilities include noise, up and running torque, stiffness, non repetitive beats and radial and axial clearance. Torque requirements depends on the lubricant, cage, linear motion bearing ring ( Bending of roundness and surface finish) Quality, as well as whether or not to use seal or shield. Must carefully choose the viscosity of the lubricants. Especially in the small, linear motion bearings, because not suitable lubricant can produce too much torque. In addition, the noise characteristics of different lubricants are also different. Grease, for example, more than the lubricating oil produce noise. Therefore, we should choose according to different purposes of lubricant. During the period of linear motion bearings rotation, if random eccentric between inner ring and outer ring, is very similar to the CAM movement are produced by the repeated beats ( NRR) 。 Cage size error and the eccentricity of the bearing ring and ball lead to NRR. Unlike repeated vibration, NRR cannot get compensation. In industry, often choose according to specific application of different types of linear motion bearings and precision level. When, for example, require minimum beats, linear motion bearings of repeated oscillation should not exceed 0. 3 microns. Also, the machine tool spindle can only carry the smallest beating, in order to ensure the cutting precision. Therefore, should be used in machine tool applications with small not repeat oscillation of linear motion bearings. In many industrial products, pollution is inevitable, so the seal or shield is typically used to protect linear motion bearings from the effects of dust or dirt. However, due to the linear motion bearing inner ring and outer ring, linear motion bearings seal may not reach the level of perfect, so the lubricating oil leakage and pollution is always not solve the problem. Once the linear motion bearings is pollution, lubricant will metamorphism and running noise increases. If the linear motion bearings overheating, it will be stuck. When pollutants between ball and micro bearing ring, the same effect between metal surface and grits, this will cause the bearing wear. Seal and shield to block the dirt is one of the types of pollution control method.
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