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Automobile bearing is broken what will happen - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-06-04
Car wheel hub bearing damage, when driving wheel from the chassis of the corresponding position of the company's 'hitched hitched' continuous friction clash, often is the brake hub and abnormal brake pad friction greatly increase the driving resistance, serious when still can damage the wheel mechanism wheel falls off, lead to serious traffic accident. When you meet the wheel hub bearing damage should remove the brake drum, check whether the bearing is flawed. For maintenance should be removed when the wheel, use a screwdriver to pry the dust cover, remove the shaft with forceps spare nuts the lock on the split pin, a hand brake drum, wheel is fixed nut with a wrench knob, when bearing in a significant hysteresis and friction, immediately slowly unscrew nuts, aim until recently a split pin hole, insert a new cotter pin ( It is important to note: under no circumstances are nut can not be reversed back 1/4 circle, otherwise it will cause the wheel hub bearing kuang, leading to early wear) 。 Insert after the split pin should also move the end bending in case of loss. Finally, the dust cover wages mount back wheel brake drum, hold the wheels on both sides of the up and down to shake, allow a bit clearance. If there are any wheel hub bearing damage, there is crack, pitting or ablation, must be replaced. Paint before install new bearing grease, then refitted in reverse order, change after bearing must be flexible rotation and no noise and vibration.
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