Auto bearing bad symptoms of auto-hub bearing fault diagnosis knowledge - bearing

by:Waxing     2020-05-31
How to identify the wheel hub bearing failure?     Wheel hub bearings is a simple but important auto parts, it can make the wheel rotational freedom.     Bad wheel hub bearing needs to be changed before it can't use, so as not to damage the car and the damage.     Voice: wheel hub bearing wear, the driver can tell from the sound of wheels. A symptom of bad wheel hub bearing is the noise rumble. Often can make the speed of the vehicle becomes loud noise.     Vibration: with the rumble, bad of the vibration of the wheel hub bearing can be in the car or feel on the steering wheel. When at a higher speed and cornering, the noise will be greater.     Testing and maintenance: if it is found that the bad wheel hub bearing, wheel hub bearing should be safety test to improve the rotation of the wheels. The wheels rotate smoothly, not to one side slip is normal. If the wheel bearing need to change part are cheap, repair is not complicated, tend to be more time consuming.     How to look for the wheel hub bearing noise?     Wheel bearing is one of the most important vehicle power transmission system and the least visual parts. When they begin to malfunction, wheel hub bearing usually whining voice, you can through the steering wheel or chassis feel. Bearing noise is a very bad thing, this makes our position to find out where the problem as quickly as possible. Fortunately, a solution to the fault source is to listen to, listen to every corner of your car.     The following is the specific measures: & emsp;   1, find a big, empty parking lot, 45 miles per hour the speed of driving in the car park, turn.     2, your brakes like you suffered from panic and parking. The front of the car will crash, weight transfer to the front, the bearing pressure. Then listen to the voice of your wheel, if it is too high, then you have a bad front bearing. If it become more quiet or disappear, then you have a bad rear bearing.     3, at 45 miles per hour speed driving is circular, first turn clockwise, you driver's edge will sustain the weight of the car. If the bearing noise becomes louder, bad bearings in the driver's side. Then repeat counterclockwise, if the bearing noise becomes louder, bearing in the passenger side of the bad.     4, if you find that the increase of bearing noise or vibration, so bad of the bearing is the front passenger's side. If the brake and reduce the noise of the bearing increases, so bad the bearing in the driver's side of the rear wheel of.
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