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Angular contact ball bearing and application knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-11-24
* ring and ball contact Angle between the two, the standard contact Angle of 15 & deg; ,30度; And 40 & deg; * contact Angle, the greater the axial load capacity is also * contact Angle is smaller, the more the greater the high-speed rotation ( 旋转) * single bearing ( 轴承) Can bear radial load and combination of unilateral axial load * DB, DF combinations and double row bearings can bear radial load and bidirectional axial load * DT combination used one-way axial load is bigger, a single bearing ( 轴承) The occasion of the rated load of insufficient * high-speed with ACH type bearing ( 轴承) Ball diameter is small, many, mostly used for machine tool spindle, 主轴) * angular contact ball bearings are suitable for high speed and high precision of rotating * structure on the back of the combination of the two single row angular contact ball bearings ( 轴承) Sharing of inner ring and outer ring, can bear radial load and the bidirectional axial load * no loading groove bearings are sealed type cage is mainly used: * steel ( 钢板) Punching cage ( Bowl single; S form, crown double column) * copper ( Chemical formula Cu) Alloy cage, synthetic or phenolic resin system ( Explanation: from the merger of several parts into a whole) Cage resin forming main use: * single: machine tool spindle, high frequency, 感应加热) The motor ( motor) , gas turbine, centrifugal separator, small cars, auto) The front wheel, differential pinion ( 齿轮) Axis * double row: oil pump ( 深井泵) , roots blower ( 爆炸) Machine, air compressor, compressor) , all kinds of transmission, fuel injection pump, printing machinery, 机械) * four-point contact ball bearing can bear radial load and bidirectional axial load * a single bearing can be combined to replace the front or the back combination of angular contact ball bearing * applies to pure axial load or under axial load ingredients * the larger synthetic load bearing ( 轴承) Carry axial load in any direction can be formed when one of the contact Angle ( α ) , so the ring in contact with the ball always * any online double-dealing contacts is mainly used in the cage: copper alloy cutting keep main use: aircraft jet engines ( 引擎) , on a gas turbine, the running speed of angular contact ball bearings to determine the next article: angular contact ball bearings with grease skills
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