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Analysis to choose the page and the linear bearing grease requirements

by:Waxing     2020-11-20
Analysis to choose the page and the linear bearing grease for linear guide bearings need on a regular basis when using gas, usually to inject grease shall be based on different usage and selection of different oils. Contains the guide rail oil ( The slideway oil) Two oil and grease, hydraulic pressure guide rail. In some coarser machinery and equipment, due to large linear guide bearing, structure is simple, and linear guide bearing it has some inevitable pit. So when the design with grease lubrication for processing. Often will use manual will squeeze grease supply with grease gun. This requires that all the grease is EP extreme pressure type, otherwise after being squeezed out, guide rail on the residual oil is unable to bear heavier load. Not only in terms of oil, linear guide has a lot of contact with water, such as lathes, machining centers, there are often some water splashed on the linear guide bearing, if performance is not ideal linear guide bearing oil water can easily be decomposed by water, the oil droplets to the cutting fluid, can cause cutting fluid was contaminated by water, so the performance is also very important to guide the water. Linear guide bearing is a collection of a variety of skills for the integration of organic synthesis. We are according to the analysis, in order to linear bearing all the work has a great progress, so the correct maintenance to prolong the service life of linear guide bearing is very important. The bud is the linear bearing lubrication way: ( 1) Grease lubrication: linear bearing internal injection anticorrosive oil, if use grease lubrication, use kerosene or organic solvent first remove anticorrosive oil, dried to add grease. It is recommended to use marked viscosity N0. 2 lithium soap grease. ( 2) Lubrication: if the oil lubrication, don't need to remove anticorrosive oil, according to the temperature change can choose VG15 - ISO viscosity grades 100 of lubricating oil. Shaft lubrication oil pipe in water supply for people, or from outside the oil hole of the bearing oil. Because of the sealing ring will scrape the lubricating oil, oil lubrication is not applicable to nonporous sealing ring bearing.
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