Analysis of positive and negative influences of INA bearing lubricating oil - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-05-26
A: bearing grease rheological: 1. When the grease is not affected by external force, can maintain a certain shape as solid, namely will not automatically when still lost. 2. Under high shear stress under the condition of ( Cutting speed a lot) , the flow of the grease like Newtonian fluid, the viscosity can maintain a constant, not change along with the change of shear velocity. 3. When the external force is weak, produce elastic deformation; Remove the external forces and to restore to its original position and shape, present a solid elastic properties. 4. When applied force is large enough, grease occur deformation and flow, and therefore can no longer be automatically restored to its original position and shape, so the grease in mechanical moving parts start torque is bigger than liquid lubricants. Ambient temperature is high, the grease lubrication is not adapt to the current forging machine move INA bearings used in molybdenum disulfide grease was thought ability of high temperature grease, we know the base oil is oil products, add a small amount of high temperature resistance of molybdenum disulphide additives, its heat resistance limit is 120 ℃. And the machine injection point up to more than 30, long-term operation maintenance cannot achieve this tedious oil control, so we have to hand dilute oil can sprinkle on the outside of the running bearing sleeve, between the friction pair of lubricating oil is difficult to enter the bearing, bearing large department in the friction state. Forging machine according to the measured INA bearings working temperature is 200 ℃, has far beyond the limit of heat-resistant grease. Under the premise that such high temperature, the grease base oil can become thin and gradually evaporate, the rest of the carbon residue, molybdenum disulfide, dust mixed into a solid block of solidification in move bearing frame, not only losing its lubricating effect, but also hinder the normal operation of move bearing with soon wear and tear, at most 2 weeks will have to stop, remove the bearing cleaning new grease. Self-lubricating INA bearings use wide temperature, content of solid lubricating materials is adequate, allaying average, good self-lubricating function and bite, can effectively protect the journal, to achieve durable use.
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