180000 kilometers of the buick lacrosse bearing damage, owners thumb up maintenance master knowledge of processing method, the bearing

by:Waxing     2020-06-04
Today the old buick lacrosse years ago just overhaul engine in our factory, today is the owner come to our factory for the first time since overhaul engine maintenance, major maintenance project for antifreeze slow lack and chassis sound. Because owners some distance from our factory, fangdongye shortage of slow checked in other places, other repair shop is given as a result of the pipe, and the warm wind water tank is normal, there is no signs of leakage. We all know the buick lacrosse car owner is a very cautious man, he described antifreeze before long will be a little less, we believe that the antifreeze will really less. After maintenance master inspection found that the owner of judgment right if there is leakage phenomenon. Only if the location of the leaking point is hidden and water leakage is too small, not careful observation can be difficult to find. Antifreezing fluid leakage after find out good solution, but the teacher master repair in the treatment of the chassis sound change when the front wheel bearing've got a problem, because half shaft and bearing suspected foreign body or corrosion between too serious, can't get and half shaft cage ball bearing assembly. Last maintenance master process not only keep the ball cage universal joint and horns, also received owner's thumb up. Above, this because there is no oil change for a long time leads to serious oil duct jam the buick lacrosse, but it would be said to the owner the paint and appearance of maintenance is not generally good, if not for the exterior outline fundamental can't see it is a car factory 10 years old. Have traveled more than 180000 kilometers, the car owners described as office often use the car on a business trip, so that almost all of the car chassis parts has been in the light, the sound caused by the left front wheel bearing in other repair shop also changed, but once again damage. First the teacher first check to tackle the problem of leaking due to the owner in the repair shop didn't check out other problems, so the teacher this check cannot be routine inspection. Master the use of high pressure leak air pump to the high pressure gas into the kettle, the use of high pressure to leak test not leak is more accurate than car check leakage more easily. Above circles for leak detection tool, because is very hard to find, so the teacher as much as possible without causing damage to the pipe and other parts of cooling at the same time, the pressure to high. After high pressure in the leaking point soon reveal the true colors. Leakage point is in the picture above for the kettle, can see from above, a circle, the only for the bottom of the kettle cracked a very tiny crack, crack and crush tests about 30 seconds or so there will be a drop of water flow, only replace the kettle can solve the problem of water leakage. To find the reasons of leaking, the maintenance of the master start processing site sound change the front wheel bearing. When maintenance master remove the tires to see big half shaft nut just wonder if the bearing is by no means easy to replace in my heart, because from the half shaft rust ball cage above you can see that has been long time no one hurt, is likely to have tight mesh together and bearing, ball cage even directly pull down behind a fixed bearing three Ruth that can remove the bearings smoothly. So the teacher rust around with rust remover handle big nut first, and then pull down above the big nut inside the circle, finally put on a few teeth grain big nut from the position of the big nut with a hammer percussion. Due to the strength is too large, the teacher be afraid to use inside the ball cage with gearbox is damaged, so the teacher decided to pull down the fixed screw of the claw connected shock absorption to inside the ball cage set some larger space, and then tap. Is above circles horn screw connection shock absorption, due to the screw itself has positioned so don't need to do the action of four-wheel positioning, Angle parameters will not change. After, after maintenance they take turns to hit finally knocked away. Knocked all the master maintenance simply put horns together also to break down, pull down after horns can be seen clearly above the ball cage universal joint, above the circle has almost all of the tooth is rust, no wonder the mesh so fast. If you don't handle the rust is clean, the rust will directly affect the new bearing assembly, so maintenance master with a small first word screw tooth groove of the rust off. So while shovel brush, 10 minutes after the reluctant recovery car as is. Master speculation, rusty reason may be the last change when bearing on alveolar butter as a lubricant and the butter gradually deteriorated last a long period of time and materials of iron ball cage up the reaction of rust, so maintenance teacher decided to the butter with engine cleaner clean new bearing in the assembly. Had to replace the buick series models of teacher knows that this bearing design is reasonable, only need to remove the above said three screws in the rear of the bearing can be easily added. Yet because the ball bearing cage and mesh is too tight can not be removed, causing more than a lot of things. Thankfully the owner is very understand our approach, not only not to waste his time angry, cheer for our thumb up also encourage.
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