13 - radial bearing Basic terminology

by:Waxing     2020-11-24
1, inner ring 2, outer 3, rolling body; Steel ball, cylindrical roller, needle, taper roller, spherical roller 4, maintain 5, seal, seal - - With rubber manufacture, contact or non-contact ( Diagram for non-contact) , dust cover - In steel manufacturing, non-contact 6, outside the outer ring round 7, the inner ring inner hole 8, the inner ring shoulders diameter 9, outer diameter of 10 shoulders, retaining groove 11, stop ring, 12, 13, outer end face sealing groove attentively communication | harmoniously WeChat ID: excellent motor bearing application solution providers to buy miniature bearings, motor bearings, deep groove ball bearing, please find bearing jiaxing bearing co. , LTD. , tel: 0755 - Fax: 81447196 27081979 13612805458-0755 27092086 an article on the info @ : structural design, manufacturing process and materials on the quality of bearing a quality decision: bearing radial clearance adjustment method of four kinds of circumstances
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